A Playing Card Game Of Lies Poop and Deceit

Is This A Good Hand?

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In poker it's an Ace High Straight, but is it any good for Bullcrap?

Well, that depends on how you play. As far as playing it safe is concerned, a wide spread of ranks* is good. It means if you want to tell the truth, it’s easier to do so.

If you are a bold player who regularly takes risks, it probably doesn’t matter that much unless you get caught. I find that one best ways to play is a balance of playing it safe, and taking risks. That works for me, but may not be everyone’s style.

Having a hand with more than one of each rank is good too. It means that you can truthfully get rid of a bunch of cards in one round.

So, how about those wilds? They are really good to have. Each of those wilds allow you to get rid of up to three cards in a single round. They are especially good to play as your final hand, as nobody can call BULLCRAP on you!

Each wild lets you get rid of your cards in different ways:


Lets you give cards to another player


Lets you play the additional cards, plus removes all cards currently in the play pile from play.


Lets you play the additional cards face down like a normal hand. If someone calls BULLCRAP, you aren’t punished.

This hand is just 3 very safe plays away from victory. Unless you have the misfortune of ending up with more cards.

So, YES! This is a good hand to have!

* What’s a rank? It’s the card value. eg. Seven, Ten, Jack, Ace.

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