A Playing Card Game Of Lies Poop and Deceit

A Crap Table!

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This is where the magic happens!

This is a picture of the first World Series Bullcrap table. It was a competition held in 2023 to determine who was the best Bullcrapper.

The official World Series Bullcrap table seats 4 players, and is framed nicely during the game by the “Almighty” cam on the roof.

The World Series games are always with 4 players.

The deck is 32 cards, making the starting hand for each player 8 cards.

The wilds available each game will vary depending on the theme. Sometimes wilds are included in a each players hand at the start to provide variety in the game play.

Near the middle of the table is the Reward Pile. These are wild cards that are given out to players who successfully call BULLCRAP!

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