A Playing Card Game Of Lies Poop and Deceit

Bullcrap @ The Game Expo

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Have you been to The Game Expo? What a weekend! It was so much fun being an exhibitor, and I’m sure it was even better being an attendee!

This weekend, for the first time we exhibited BULLCRAP the playing card game at The Game Expo! It was an amazing opportunity for us to interact with our audience, and find out exactly what they like about Bullcrap!

We were accompanied by our video game counterpart being demonstrated in the booth just across the aisle.

We had some fun games! For most people we started off with the easiest game called Chick or Treat.

This game has one Distract wild given to each player at the start, and the Gift wild as a reward for correctly calling Bullcrap! We also tried out our throwing poops. They are fun! When you call “Bullcrap” you throw your poop. Then depending on of it’s a lie or not, everyone can then throw poops at the loser.

This game works well to begin with as the wilds are easy to understand, and don’t mess with the core gameplay and strategy too much.

For those who were brave enough, we advanced to more entertaining games such as Spy vs Spy, Poopnado, and Maximum Chaos. We even tried a new variation where we mixed Spy vs Spy with Poopnado to be Spy vs Poop or Crappy Spy. We can workshop the name on that one. What’s important is that it was fun. That’s one of the awesome things about Bullcrap… there’s so many ways to play!

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