Loaded Deck Games
Based in Melbourne, Australia

Founding date:
April 2019


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At Loaded Deck Games, we create games for the Deceitful, Courageous and the Bold!


Early history

As a solo indie developer, I've been working hard with what little spare time I have to bring you a game which I love. About four years ago I had an idea of creating a card game that was fun, different and that everyone would like to play. Development got off to a good start, but things got a bit rocky in 2020.

A Crap Year

I was diagnosed with bowel cancer, which meant that game development was put on the backburner while I recovered. Thankfully it was discovered early. When I finally got back on the horse, there was less spare time to work on it thanks to a growing family and a full time job

Back On Track

For the past two years I've been working away at the game and are finally ready to launch a demo and exhibit at PAX AUS 2022! Please read my blog for more of my story.


Meet Bucky the bull and his no good, untrustworthy farmyard friends! A turn-based bluff card game inspired by the classic game BULLSH*T! Race against your friends to offload your cards. Use wild cards to play dirty and change the rules!

About This Game

Based on the classic bluff turn-based card game Bullsh*t, BULLCRAP is a game of lies, poop and deceit!Play online with up to Four of your friends, or play solo over 6 Chapters of increasingly fun and challenging levels.


The goal of the game is to get rid of all of your cards. You can do this by lying, or telling the truth! When you think someone is lying, call "BULLCRAP!". If they were lying, they have to pick up all the cards. However, if they are telling the truth you pick up all the cards. The risk is all part of the fun! Wild cards add an element of chaos to the game, meaning you'll need to switch up your strategy and learn new tricks!


BULLCRAP Trailer YouTube

BULLCRAP: Level One YouTube


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